Monday, 3 March 2014

Pancake Perfection!

Incase you'd missed it, tomorrow (Tuesday, March 4th) is pancake day. How are you planning to mark the occasion? Are you a pancake purist - armed only with your batter mix, a lemon and a spoonful of sugar - or do you just love those sinful American style pancakes with bacon and lashings of maple syrup for a diet-destroying but totally worth it brunch? Perhaps you prefer the refined charm of French style crepes with citrus and liquor (Grand Marnier or Cointreau) or a child friendly nutella filling. We've searched around for delicious and inspiring recipes guaranteed to keep you flipping happy all day!

Keeping it simple we'll start with a basic pancake recipe 'Perfect Pancakes' from BBC Good Food.

If you're looking to treat yourself try this Crepes Suzette recipe, only for grown-ups!

Put a healthy spin on your day with these Apricot and Honey Butter Pancakes.

Banana Pancakes with Bacon

Or how about Banana Pancakes with Crispy Bacon and Syrup.

Pancakes also lend themselves perfectly to savoury dishes. Make a meal out of your pancakes with these ideas...

Cheesy Mushroom, Pancetta and Spinach Pancake

Cheesy Mushroom, Pancetta and Spinach Pancakes

For a lighter, veggie option try these Ricotta and Spinach Crepes in Tomato Sauce

Last but certainly not least, lets have some fun with our pancakes - this recipe for 'Pancake Pops' is great inspiration!
Pancake Pops

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