Friday, 25 April 2014

Sowerby Gentlemen's Footwear

Recently we teased about a new gentleman's footwear line that would be joining us soon and we are now excited to announce that they have arrived and are available on our website, 

With a strong heritage dating back to 1927, Sowerby have been crafting their high quality, stitch welted leather Dealer Boots for hardworking land owners, style conscious chaps and discerning, traditional gentlemen, for the last three generations of their family. Now working from their base in the Cotswolds, in the heart of rural England, the Sowerby family began their business in 1927 with a chain of shoe shops and repairers across the Midlands. Combining quality, reliability and style, the Sowerby range has remained true to their original manufacturing traditions, fit and designs and are now recognised the world over. Their exceptional Dealer Boots will compliment a range of outfits and looks and are equally at home in a country pub or city wine bar.

We currently have available the Cheltenham Dealer Boot  and the Stanton Dealer Boot and additional lines will be joining us soon!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Scarf Tying Inspiration

Have you discovered our beautiful collection of silk scarves? Perfect for the warmer months these lovely accessories will add a glamorous touch to any outfit. But the big question is, how to tie it? Perhaps you already have a favourite style - you might be an Ascot afficionado or handy with a half bow, but if you're new to scarf wearing, or looking for some new ideas, we present here five beautiful styles for you to try...

The Half Bow:

Joules Bloomfield Cream Bird 

This is an elegant and easy tie for the beginner to try and simply involves;

  • Folding the scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Rolling it up into a long rectangle
  • Placing the scarf around your neck and cross over at the front
  • Tying in a bow
  • Pull one loop of the bow through fully

The Plait:

This style makes a nice alternative to beads or a necklace and will add an elegant twist to your outfit. This style works especially well with shirts.

  • Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Fold in the point of the triangle/ fold in half again
  • Roll into a long rectangle
  • Place around the neck and tie in a double knot
  • Plait to the side using the part of the scarf which touches the neck as the third piece for the plait
  • Tie in a double knot at the end

The School Tie:

Joules Bloomfield Scarf in Navy

You'll need to think back to school days for this one! It looks great with a shirt or pulled out over a jumper.

  • Fold in half to form a triangle and roll up
  • Place around the neck
  • Cross over and wrap around at the front
  • Bring one strand to the back and fold through the loop
  • Pull one end one and move the knot up until it reaches the centre

The Butterfly Bow:

This playful style looks especially effective when paired with matching prints.

  • Roll the scarf to form a long rectangle
  • Place around your neck and wrap around twice
  • Tie in a bow, just to the side

The Ascot:

Joules Clarence Scarf

Practical and elegant, this is a great way to keep out a chill.

  • Fold in half to form a triangle
  • Roll over again just once
  • Put the scarf around your neck, from the front
  • Cross over at the back and bring the ends to the front
  • Tie the ends twice in a knot


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Our Three Best Wellingtons...

Get to Know Your Wellies.

Looking for wellington boots but unsure which brand is right for you? We have narrowed down our selection to a list of three 'Best' wellies; for luxury, for walking and for hard work.

Le Chameau Chasseur Wellington Boots (
Le Chameau Chasseur
Best for Luxury: Luxury Wellingtons from premium French brand Le Chameau have to top the list, offering exceptional durability and comfort. With a history of fine craftsmanship developed over 80 years each boot is handcrafted and then buffed and polished to perfection. Ideal for almost any activity from walking the dog through to field sports. Discover the 'Chasseur' for the ultimate in luxury.

Aigle Parcours 2 Wellington Boots Bronze
Aigle Parcours

Best for Walking: Another favourite brand from France, Aigle combine fantastic functionality with comfort and style. The Parcours range of boots are ideal for walking; inspired by hiking boot technology they are superb for long distance walking. With highly practical features such as Sanitized and quick drying lining and insole they should be your first choice if you are spending many hours outside walking.

Muckboot Muckmaster High Moss
MuckBoot Muckmaster

Best for Hard Work: If you're working in stables or out in the field you cant go far wrong with Muckboots. The Muckmaster and Greta (for men and women respectively) are great for really tough jobs like digging as they have reinforcements at the toe and wrap-around 'bumpers'. Ideal for the most arduous conditions they are designed to be 100% waterproof whilst retaining a good level of comfort in all temperatures. The rugged sole has deep, wide-spaced lugs to prevent mud clogging.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Country Footwear...Coming Soon

Coming soon - a beautiful new range of stylish Men's footwear incorporating classic tailoring with modern twists and detailing. Perfect for creating this year's heritage trend, this collection includes smart leather brogues and boots of the very highest quality and craftmanship. We can't wait to share them with you, but until then, here's a sneak peek!