Friday, 11 July 2014

Creating the Modern Safari Look

For SS14, menswear takes a walk on the wild side.

For anyone with even the slightest interest in keeping up with current fashion trends, it would have been difficult to notice the earthy, natural tones and utilitarian styles on the menswear SS14 catwalks. Reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Out of Africa, the Modern Safari trend celebrates heritage combined with practical, comfortable but smart fashion.

Many summer trends can seem to casual for those who prefer a more classic, smart look. Summer fashion should be light, breathable, effortless and stylish; and this is where modern safari steps in.

Striking yet simple, modern safari utilises muted, natural shades cut in utility driven styles which is easily adapted to any situation. So, channel your inner explorer and lets dive straight into the perfect safari look....

Colour Matching

Dusty, sandy shades are the staple of this look with khaki, beige, cream and white also being on trend for this look and ideal for keeping cool in the heat. These staple colours are complimented by bolder tones such as terracotta, earthy reds and sunset yellows.

The Safari Jacket

Traditionally an important piece of British Military uniform for soldiers serving in Africa, the safari, or bush jacket is a utility style jacket designed for action and high temperatures. Typically waist length and featuring four pockets, a waistband and epaulettes whilst being lightweight and allowing for ease of movement and providing additional warmth for chilly evenings.

For the modern safari look the jacket has been modified slightly; the pockets remain largely intact, although you may also find the look recreated with three or two pockets. The waistband has largely disappeared as it would probably prove unpopular with most men, although a slightly cinched waist is a standard way to create the original effect and give shape and definition. You will find most safari jackets in khaki colours, cream, beige and browns.

Barbour's Stanley Jacket


A shirt would be the classic choice, but add a modern twist by opting for a short sleeve option. White and cream are ideal colours to look for as they work well with this look and are versatile enough to see you through many more summers. The midlayers would however be a chance to experiment with those bolder colours we mentioned earlier. A tee-shirt would be a more casual choice for weekends, and an easy way to incorporate a splash of bold colour into the outfit. For a smarter, weekday look a cool linen or cotton shirt in white or cream shades will be ideal. If you prefer to wear a long sleeve shirt try rolling the sleeves up slightly for a more rugged, 'outback explorer' look.

Barbour Alber Shirt Light Moss Barbour Hurlingham Polo Biking Red
Barbour Alber Shirt and Hurlingham Polo Shirt.

Trousers or Shorts?

Beige and khaki coloured legwear is a must for this look. Above the knee shorts are ideal to give a strong nod to the origins of the look, but slim fit trousers and chinos are also perfect for creating a smarter style. For a casual look opt for jeans.

Barbour Slim Essential Chino Stone Joules Fenlow Mens Cargo Dark Chino
Barbour Slim Essential Chino and Joules Fenlow Shorts


Unsurprisingly perhaps, the Desert Boot is the footwear of choice for this look. Choose a quality suede pair in dark brown, beige or mahogany shades. If you feel that boots would be too hot, Derby shoes can be worked easily into this look.

Barbour Ledger Desert Boot Dark Brown   Barbour Cottam Derby Shoe Dark Tan
Barbour Ledger Desert Boot and Cottam Derby Shoe.


Stay cool in the shade with a straw or outback hat in colours that compliment your outfit. A leather cross shoulder or messenger bag is an ideal finishing touch to this outfit, look for lightweight and practical options that are easy to carry.

Barbour Wax Leather Mail Bag Olive
               Barbour Wax Leather Mail Bag

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