Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rewaxing Your Barbour Jacket

Our newest webpage and guide 'How to ReWax Your Barbour Jacket' is now up and running and ready to view, here. To create the page and its accompanying video we set about rewaxing an old, much loved Barbour, using the Thornproof Dressing. This comes in a fairly small tin and needs to be stood in hot water to soften the wax before proceeding.

We used a new sponge (an old one may crumble and leave bits behind) although with hindsight a cloth would have been a better option. The sponge was, naturally, very absorbent and we soon discovered that a little wax goes a long way! It is also advised that you re-wax in a warm place, likely because in cooler atmospheres the wax begins to solidify on the jacket much more quickly, making it much more difficult and time consuming to rub the wax into the fabric.

Despite the minor teething problems, we found the home re-waxing process straight-forward and easy, with great results and we would certainly recommend trying your hand at it!

Putting the jacket to some good use first!

Cleaning before re-waxing

Softening the Thornproof Dressing

Working the dressing into the fabric

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