Thursday, 15 May 2014

Felfies - The Farming Selfies

When is a selfie not a selfie? When it's a felfie of course! For the uninitiated amongst you a 'felfie' is a farming selfie. Around the world the latest social media craze has seen farmers, animal lovers and country folk posting selfies of themselves hard at work on the farm or taking a break with their beloved animals.

And it's not just 'felfies'; farming Twitter accounts and YouTube channels are gaining followers in their thousands, hinting that more and more people around the world are taking an interest in agriculture and where our food comes from. A blog on the subject - - created by Essex farmer @willwilson100 collects them all, resulting in a collection of farming selfies from around the world

We love this trend and think it's a great way to show off the hard work and dedication of farmers and makes the farming world a little more accessible. Here's a selection of our favourites!....

The winner of the Irish Farmers Journal 'Selfie on the Farm' competition, P.J. Ryan from Co. Tipperary, with his pipe and cows...

Irish Farmers selfies go viral

A dairy farmer in Kansas snaps a quick 'felfie' with his very photogenic friend!

A cute and compliant companion make for a great felfie!

Piglets make great photos!

Put your best nose forward...

look a that nose!

Why not tweet us your 'Felfie' to @BitC_Country using the hashtag #felfie and we will re-tweet and add your pics to our blog!

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