Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Scarf Tying Inspiration

Have you discovered our beautiful collection of silk scarves? Perfect for the warmer months these lovely accessories will add a glamorous touch to any outfit. But the big question is, how to tie it? Perhaps you already have a favourite style - you might be an Ascot afficionado or handy with a half bow, but if you're new to scarf wearing, or looking for some new ideas, we present here five beautiful styles for you to try...

The Half Bow:

Joules Bloomfield Cream Bird 

This is an elegant and easy tie for the beginner to try and simply involves;

  • Folding the scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Rolling it up into a long rectangle
  • Placing the scarf around your neck and cross over at the front
  • Tying in a bow
  • Pull one loop of the bow through fully

The Plait:

This style makes a nice alternative to beads or a necklace and will add an elegant twist to your outfit. This style works especially well with shirts.

  • Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle
  • Fold in the point of the triangle/ fold in half again
  • Roll into a long rectangle
  • Place around the neck and tie in a double knot
  • Plait to the side using the part of the scarf which touches the neck as the third piece for the plait
  • Tie in a double knot at the end

The School Tie:

Joules Bloomfield Scarf in Navy

You'll need to think back to school days for this one! It looks great with a shirt or pulled out over a jumper.

  • Fold in half to form a triangle and roll up
  • Place around the neck
  • Cross over and wrap around at the front
  • Bring one strand to the back and fold through the loop
  • Pull one end one and move the knot up until it reaches the centre

The Butterfly Bow:

This playful style looks especially effective when paired with matching prints.

  • Roll the scarf to form a long rectangle
  • Place around your neck and wrap around twice
  • Tie in a bow, just to the side

The Ascot:

Joules Clarence Scarf

Practical and elegant, this is a great way to keep out a chill.

  • Fold in half to form a triangle
  • Roll over again just once
  • Put the scarf around your neck, from the front
  • Cross over at the back and bring the ends to the front
  • Tie the ends twice in a knot


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